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Homeownership reimagined for you

Carolyn and Myron are certified Ownify Agents.
This is an amazing program for first time home buyers that is being piloted in the Raleigh Triangle Area

Buy your home brick by brick. Zero debt. No surprises. Fractional ownership. A revolutionary new way of owning your home.

How it works

Apply and get pre-qualified

Complete our simple eligibility assessment that will not impact your credit score. See an indicative house purchase budget and monthly payments.

Get ready to buy your home

Sign the legal agreements. Pay the $500 application fee.

Time to find a home

Shop for a home with your agent. Be ready to make your down payment of 2%. Find the home you love.

Securing your home

Ownify will assess your home and make a cash offer on your behalf. We take care of earnest money or due diligence fees and the closing process.

Move in

Get the keys and move into your new home. Own 2% equity on day one. Build more equity every month.

Enjoy your new home

Fixed payments for 5 years. We take care of repairs, property tax and homeowner’s insurance. Make your home your own, remodel, or renovate.

Build equity in your home

By the end of year 5, own 10% to 15% equity. You can buy out the remaining equity anytime. After 5 years, you can renew, or exit the program.



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